Dungeons & Dragons: Rise of Heroes

Entering Ice Fang Caverns (Log 001)
Game Time - 01/09/01 - 6:00am

The day began after a much needed extended rest. After seeing, and battling, some the powerful creatures currently holed up in Ice Fang Caverns, the party couldn’t chance entering without their full power. The camp was set up on the forested ridge above the cavern entrance, giving Mardok an excellent position to observe the comings and goings below.

Just before setting out down the pathway, the barbarian stopped the party to point out something way up ahead, moving out of the far side of the forest below. A large humanoid with some kind of animal companion, but none of you were quite sure. Suddenly, Mardok whispered “They must be calling in all the heavy hitters… that’s a pretty famous troll warlord, Molrog, and his not so friendly dire wolf. I heard about him from a one armed man back at the castle. He never mentioned the blue skin.”

“Probably the same effect that turned the goblins” added Quinn. Kaeden started off down the trail, looking back to say “I’ll scout ahead, but we’ll move slow down into the valley.” The troll and his wolf were met at the entrance by some goblins, who were immediately eaten by the wolf. By the time the heroes arrived, the entrance was, not surprisingly, unguarded.

After navigating a 20 foot drop into the cave, the party encountered several ice hurlers and ice raiders, the same elemental creatures created by the white dragon. During the battle, a bright flash of light emanated from a natural cavern to the north. Several seconds later, the Spirit of Winter appeared from that direction, moving quickly towards the heroes.


Before the adventures slayed the ice goblins in such a heroic manner, they had an earlier encounter. This one we saw the heroes get ass raped and frozen by the DM. Mardok learned why Merik…oops..Quin, hides in his metal shell. Its so you dont get a frozen goblin spear shoved up your ass! Just fucking great.

I Think These Are Goblins!

The second day of travel through the frozen forest outside Dawnstar was moving along without incident. The bear meat from the previous days kill filled the bellies of Merak, Mardok and the elite Lord’s Guard.

First Encounters

Sir Quinn of Whiterun was tasked with traveling north to Dawnstar. There he meets Mardok, a hulking barbarian who belongs to a group of warriors tasked with protecting the northern shores from what lies beyond the Sea of Ghosts. Sir Merak’s mission was to trade gold and training for Mardok’s freedom from guard duty. On the way back to Whiterun, the pair were attacked by bears and during the battle, they made some startling discoveries.

Mardok was able to enter a rage state, and Sir Merak magically healed his own mortal wounds. After The newly formed friendship was now christened with the blood of battle, and a mutual respect was formed. A noble, trained in the ways of combat and touched by the holy light and a barbarian, scarred and hardened by the ferocious North. Brought together by chance, or is there a divine plan being formed?


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