Dungeons & Dragons: Rise of Heroes

First Encounters

Sir Quinn of Whiterun was tasked with traveling north to Dawnstar. There he meets Mardok, a hulking barbarian who belongs to a group of warriors tasked with protecting the northern shores from what lies beyond the Sea of Ghosts. Sir Merak’s mission was to trade gold and training for Mardok’s freedom from guard duty. On the way back to Whiterun, the pair were attacked by bears and during the battle, they made some startling discoveries.

Mardok was able to enter a rage state, and Sir Merak magically healed his own mortal wounds. After The newly formed friendship was now christened with the blood of battle, and a mutual respect was formed. A noble, trained in the ways of combat and touched by the holy light and a barbarian, scarred and hardened by the ferocious North. Brought together by chance, or is there a divine plan being formed?



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