D&D: Rise of Heroes

The world of D&D grew stagnant, old and unchanging. This greatly displeased the Dungeon Master, and He knew and understood what must be done. With a heavy heart, He lifted the Hammer of Justice high into the air and with a single mighty blow, the universe was crushed to nothingness. Every dungeon, every dragon… all reduced to nothing in an instant under the crushing power of The Overgod. It was a natural 20.

But soon, the Dungeon Master grew bored and lonely. So, with the blink of His all-seeing, all-knowing eyes, a new world was brought into existence. The cold icy North, endless grassy plains and the seas, mountains and deserts were all accounted for. Humans in the towns, elves in the forests, gnomes and dwarves up in the mountains… It was a medieval fantasy wonderland! But all this creation made the Dungeon Master sleepy.

Generations passed as he slept, and the inhabitants of the new world forged ahead. Without magic, without monsters, godless and without heroes the world marched forward. Villages grew into towns, and towns into cities. Lords and Ladies with their noble families ruled the lands while farmers, smiths and craftsmen of all kinds passed their skills and knowledge down the line. Civilization was back on track.

Then, the Dungeon Master woke, stretched His mighty arms and looked down at what He had created. What He saw was a beautiful world, balanced and nearly perfect and He knew the time was right. So, with a wave of His almighty hand, a glimmering golden aura blanketed the world below Him. And as suddenly as it disappeared, magic returned to the world. Potions, glittering armor, impossibly sharp swords and wondrous items of all shapes and sizes began to appear throughout the land.

Now the world was almost complete, but it was far too shiny and bright. A world without darkness, evil and monsters is a boring place. So, the Dungeon Master squat down above the universe and released His glorious sphincter, dumping a putrid river of unspeakable filth over the world. From then on, the nights were much darker and full of terrible abominations.

Now, the delicate balance was thrown off. The Lords and Ladies, the craftsmen and their children, none of them could stand against the trolls and dragons that would surely come. Even with magical treasures and fantastical weapons, none would hope to survive an encounter with even the weakest demons. The world would need real heroes. Men and women of legend who rise above what is possible, destined for immortality and a seat amongst the Gods.

And that is where we begin…

Main Characters

Sir Quinn, Prince of Whiterun

Mardok, Northern Barbarian

Kaeden Valhalla, Rogue


Sir Quinn grew up having visions, and since he was a prince and not a commoner his condition was special and not just crazy.

Playing the Game

The point of this campaign setting is to simplify the fourth edition D&D system, but still keep the core mechanics we are used to. Starting as lowly first level adventurers, the PCs will slowly build themselves into heroes! The campaign takes place in the setting of Skyrim to simplify maps and background information.

The rising NEED for computers and online memberships to play D&D is really becoming a problem. So, one major gameplay difference is actually an “out of game” rule… no computers at the table. I find the computers to be more and more of a distraction!

This campaign will require only character sheets, some pencils, dice and the 4E Core Rulebooks. All powers, feats and other things must be sourced from a book we have. As we build our collection of supplemental D&D 4E books, the world will grow with it. The de facto in-game reference will be custom character sheets, that are printed out and written on… with actual pencils!

Why? Well, I feel like the Powers and pre-made magic items available in the Character Builder are severely limiting and stifle the creative process. I want the PCs to have more choice over what powers they can have, and I want the DM to be able to create any magic item they please.

Dungeons & Dragons: Rise of Heroes

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